Under The Vines

6 x 1hr, Rom Com Drama (s1, s2 + s3)

Third series in post-production. Under The Vines was created by Erin White for TVNZ and AcornTV. Stars: Rebecca Gibney and Charles Edwards. Produced by Libertine Pictures and Perpetual Entertainment in association with Hardy White Pictures.

The Wrong Child

4 x 1hr, Limited Mystery Drama

When English single mum Emily Tate’s nine-year-old son, Oliver, falls ill with a life-threatening disease and tests reveal he is not her biological child, Emily must urgently return to Australia where Oliver was born to track down his real parents in the hope they can give him the stem cells needed to save his life; but she soon uncovers a web of lies as she realises something much deeper than a tragic case of human error resulted in her baby being switched at birth. Created by Michelle Hardy.

The World Famous Maxine Is Arriving Now

8 x 30min, Comedy Drama

A deeply Aussie, deeply queer comedy drama about the life-changing friendship between a legendary trans showgirl and the Gen Z gay who pushes her to rediscover herself, 30 years after her revolutaionary heyday. Created by Joseph McMahon.


8 x 30min, Kids Comedy

These four kids are running the greatest business in Australia.

Australia just doesn’t know it yet. Created by Tristram Baumber.


8 x 1hr, Crime Drama

Two estranged high school best friends reunite when they pursue a cold case: the murder of their handsome art teacher thirty years before; the only problem is, one of them already confessed to the crime and spent ten years behind bars for it. Created by Erin White.

Accidental P.I.

8 x 1hr, Elevated Crime Procedural

When reserved librarian Bronte Bateman learns that the hit and run that killed her twin brother was actually a hit, and potentially linked to one of the cases he was working as a private investigator, she takes over his business in a bid to uncover the truth behind his murder and is thrown headfirst into a tumultuous new life as an Accidental P.I. Created by Michelle Hardy.

Have I Said Too Much?

8 x 30 mins, Drama

Have I Said Too Much? is a half-hour drama series that follows UK journalist Amy Murphy (25) as she rebuilds her life in Australia after her controversial memoir about being widowed at a young age makes headlines around the world for the unconventional way she tried to move on. Created by Amy Molloy.

The Watched

6 x 1hr, Thriller

In a small riverside town, a letter arrives in each letterbox suggesting that there is a pedophile in town; and as the women of the town band together to identify him and drive him away, every man in town becomes a suspect. Created by Bec Perkins, Michelle Hardy & Erin White.