Hardy White Pictures is a boutique production company founded by producer, Michelle Hardy, and director, Erin White.

Although individually successful, when they met it was professional love at first sight. One of them might have said to the other, “You complete me,” but it’s still pretty much up in the air as to who actually said it, if at all.

Michelle is a producer of Emmy® Award­ winning pedigree and a lot of people have been watching her ever since she was selected for the SPAA ‘Ones To Watch’ Program in 2011 (See what we did there?!) and Erin is an AFI nominated writer and director with an impressive list of broadcast directing credits and short film festival awards cluttering up the trophy room (AKA on top of the fridge).

Hardy White Pictures was created when Michelle and Erin one day began discussing the contents of their drawers. Except in this case, it wasn’t their sock drawers being discussed, it was the drawers that contained ideas for TV shows and films they’d created but been too busy to actually do anything with. The ideas themselves at this point spoke up and said, “You idiots, we’ve been in the drawers too long. Get us the hell out of here.” Michelle and Erin looked the ideas dead in the face and one of them said, “It’s actually pretty weird that our ideas are talking to us,” and the other said, “Let’s have another glass of wine! Yay!”

…and so was born Hardy White Pictures.*

Before too long, Hardy White was extremely proud to be selected as a recipient of a Screen Australia Gender Matters Brilliant Careers development grant. This grant saw Hardy White develop six original drama series. Three of these have been optioned and are in active development with international production partners and another, Under The Vines, is completing post-production on its third season in 2024.

Under The Vines, is a rom-com drama series for AMC’s AcornTV and TVNZ, starring Rebecca Gibney (Packed to the Rafters, Wanted, Halifax: Retribution) and Charles Edwards (Downton Abbey, The Crown, Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power). Created by Erin, the series is produced by Libertine Pictures and EQ Media Group in association with Hardy White. 

Hardy White’s mission is to bring excellent screen stories to the big and small screens.

Hardy White believes in stuff.

*This may not be factually correct.

We acknowledge the Kaurna People, the First Peoples of the Adelaide Plains and the Custodians of the country where we live and work. We pay respect to their Elders past and present.